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Hi, I'm Steve Saylor. I'm Blind and I play Video Games. I'm a Toronto based YouTube Gamer, Podcaster, Graphic Designer, College Professor all while being blind! In 2015, I started a series on YouTube called "Blind Gamer" where I fuse humour with my passion for playing video games while being very bad at it. I've been described as “The Best Worst Gamer” and “YouTube Greatness, Sight Unseen.” I've been featured on the CBC, Accessible Media “AMI-tv” and "Right This Minute TV." Here's what's even cooler, I've been called “Wonderful” by Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner! I'm also an advocate for Accessible Gaming speaking at several conferences for Game Developers and consulting with them about their future projects. This Podcast will showcase games I enjoy and review from an accessible perspective and news about accessibility within video games. As well as have conversations with Game Developers, Accessibility Advocates and awesome creative people.

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    Games I'm looking forward to in 2019

    In today's episode I talk about games I'm currently playing and give a brief overview of the games I'm looking forward to or interested in 2019.

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    MAGFest 2019 (with special guests Tee Morris, Nick & Brandon Kelly)

    This week's episode I head all the way to Washington D.C. to MAGFest hanging out with an old friend, Tee Morris and new friends Nick and Brandon Kelly. This is a tangent heavy episode haha but we do chat about what we saw and did at MAGFest.

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    Cassie Chui - Developer/Designer @ Drinkbox Studios - Part 1

    In this episode, Steve talks about the upcoming GAConf at GDC as well as chat with Cassie Chui, Designer at Drinkbox Studios and formally Level Designer/Artist for the game Electronic Super Joy by Michael Todd Games.

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    What is it like being a Playtester?

    In this episode, Steve talks about how recently he was involved in a playtest for an upcoming game. He talks about how it happened, what his experience was like and more!

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    Jason Canam on how he made Way Of The Passive Fist accessible - Part 2

    In this episode, Steve talks about how EA's Karen Stevens made EA's Sports franchises accessible, Monster Hunter: World has made a fan for life with it's accessibility. As well as continue his conversation with Jason Canam from Household Games and how he made Way Of The Passive Fist accessible from the ground up.

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    Welcome to The BLIND GAMER Podcast

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